CIRED - The 23rd International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution - 15-18 JUNE 2015 - Lyon, France



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Session 4


Session 4 deals with the challenges of adapting distribution networks to enable the integration of low carbon, renewable and distributed energy resources (DER). These include distributed generation (DG), energy storage and new loads (eg. electric heating and electric vehicles). In 2015 the session will also focus on the integration of active demand.
DER integration challenges are no longer new to the industry with all CIRED sessions likely to discuss solutions. Session 4 specifically focuses on emerging technologies and innovative solutions at the research, development or demonstration stage.
Session 4 papers will highlight the integration of DER within distribution networks through technical, commercial and regulatory methods. Papers may describe developments in network constraint management, active demand side response, energy storage integration, network monitoring, telecommunications and data analytics.
Other aspects within scope of this session are whole energy system optimisation, efficient management of network losses and sharing results from larger smart grid demonstration projects.

Telecommunication & Data Management
* Innovative telecommunications for DER
* Role of data and intelligence
* Development of control algorithms and philosophies

Asset Management
* Innovative asset monitoring technology and state estimation approaches
* Technical findings from trials relating to stability, protection and system reliability

Active Customers & Smart Meters
* The role of meters as critical smart grid sensors
* Technical reliability and performance of Demand Response

New Models of Distribution Business
* Commercial and technical implications of micro-grids and Virtual Power Plants (VPP)
* Innovative network connection offers for customers
* Optimisation of energy systems including transport, gas and heat

Sustainability & Low Carbon
* The role of distribution networks in delivering low carbon, sustainable energy supplies
* Reducing network losses
* The role of energy efficiency
* DC network trials

Renewable, Storage & EV Integration
* High volumes including clustering of local carbon technologies
* Management of power flow, voltage and fault level
* Benefits of energy storage