CIRED - The 23rd International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution - 15-18 JUNE 2015 - Lyon, France



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Session 3


Session 3 deals with the operation of networks, including control technology and system protection, which is a challenging topic in the emerging environment of smart grids and distributed generation. The relevant technical and economic targets of distribution grid operating companies, the expectations and requirements of customers as well as solution strategies of scientists and manufacturers’ new products will be analysed and presented. The session highlights the requirements of distribution system operators and major energy users in this area, as well as useful tools and products. Both recent practical experiences and the results from current research as the basis of future developments are welcomed for review.

* Workforce management tools and techniques to improve operation efficiency
* Maintenance strategies and condition assessment
* Data demand, data management and documentation
* Organisation strategies and schemes for grid operators or service companies
* Blackouts restoration strategies and crisis management
* Emergency management to handle local failures as well as large black outs
* Certification of grid operators (national and international standards)
* Impact of decentralised generation and virtual power plants on grid operation
* Operation of industry grids

Control and communication
* Concepts for SCADA systems in a developing environment
* Grid control in a market driven environment
* Providing system services on distribution level
* Automation of distribution grids
* Experience with self healing grids
* Voltage control in MV- and LV-grids
* Security aspects of information access and information exchange
* Convergence of power grids and communication grinds
* Communication standards techniques and protocols for smart grids and smart metering
* Experience with multivendor solutions and their interoperability
* Control and protection concepts for e-car and storage applications
* Applications of Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) on distribution level

* New protection schemes and functions for up-to-date grid structures
* Protection simulation models, tools and new functions
* Refurbishment strategies for protection systems
* Impact of distributed generation on traditional protection systems
* Protection management considering remote access and IT security
* Reliability aspects of IEC 61850 based protection
* Practical experience with grid islanding - detection, protection
* Protection concepts in converter dominated environment
* Post mortem analyses of faults and fault records
* Testing of protection relays, functions and systems