CIRED - The 23rd International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution - 15-18 JUNE 2015 - Lyon, France



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Session 1


Session 1 deals with all aspects related to the components used in the electricity distribution networks: cables, overhead lines, primary and secondary substations, transformers, switchgear plus their control, protection and monitoring systems, new active power electronics devices. It covers topics related to the life cycle optimisation of assets from design through installation, operation and maintenance to end of life management, including new solutions for diagnosis and monitoring. The session also covers environmental aspects including eco-design and life cycle analysis, standardisation, ergonomics and the safety of both operating staff and the public. It aims at providing an overview of the state-of-the-art in component design and proposals for future components, including the ones needed for smartgrids and e-mobility. This session is an opportunity for DSOs and manufacturers to share their objectives.

Components for smartgrids and e-mobility
* Components incorporating local intelligence and communication capability
* Smart secondary substations
* Sensors and components for voltage and power flow management
* Communication components and infrastructures (power line carrier, wireless, fibre optic…)
* Power electronics
* Components for DC networks
* Components for the connection of distributed generation
* Storage devices
* Components for e-mobility

Components reliability, diagnosis and maintenance strategy
* Condition assessment, aging models, using life curves as input to lifetime and quantitative risk assessment
* Diagnostics of network components
* Online monitoring of distribution system assets, including underground cables
* Life extension, upgradeability
* Use of drones for diagnostics

Components for large cities distribution networks
* Compact substations
* High reliability solutions
* Short circuit current mitigation
* Lines with high power transfer capabilities

Towards “green components”
* Eco-design
* Life-cycle analysis
* Reduction of losses
* Management of hazardous substances
* Limitation of visual and noise impact

Innovation in design of components
* Modelling
* Testing
* New materials
* Ergonomics
* Evolution of standards
* Functional specifications
* Safety aspects

Components for rural areas
* Components for large scale underground cabling
* Components for more resilient networks in case of high impact low probability events
* Innovative solutions for maintenance of overhead lines (OHL) (e.g. trimming)
* Refurbishment, life extension of OHL