CIRED - The 23rd International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution - 15-18 JUNE 2015 - Lyon, France



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about Lyon

Lyon, a city simply unexpected

Surprising, unexpected, visionary, human, creative, daring - everyone takes back his own image of Lyon, a city that is emerging today as one of the most highly appreciated in Europe.

A city of pairs with its two rivers, the Rhône and the Saône, and its twin hilly districts, Fourvière “the hill of prayers” and Croix-Rousse “the hill of workers”. A city proud of its monuments that cohabit marvellously with very contemporary buildings - its contrasts captivate and wow those that come to stay here. Intimate and open, mysterious and influential, impetuous and nonchalant, little by little Lyon reveals its soul and its treasures to those who stroll around the streets, explore the maze of the traboule passageways and hillsides, and wander the bustling quaysides.

The home of the famous bouchon bistros, a capital of gastronomy, surrounded by vineyards known the world over, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, a city famous for the invention of the silk loom and the birthplace of the inventors of cinema, where these two traditions have become an ideal breeding ground for talents, making Lyon a city of fashion, inviting you to stroll along its streets and enjoy the lively atmosphere and unforgettable places.